"making mailboxes look beautiful again"


Your Mailbox Refurbishment Service starts here


Here are 4 reasons you probably want your mailbox refurbished:

1. To keep your property attractive.

2. Visibility

3. To protect your mail.

4. Curb appeal.

Mailboxes are exposed to heat, humidity and heavy rain. Yet many homeowners aren't sure. if they really need to have their mailbox refurbished. 

We are open during coronavirus pandemic


What to expect during coronavirus pandemic

We are living challenging times during this coronavirus pandemic. We know how important is your health. At Mailbox Refurbishment Services clients safety is our priority during this pandemic. Here what to expect on your mailbox refurbishment service :

All our Mailbox Agents will be wearing a mask to stop the spread of the virus.


We recommend the 6 feet distance during the first initial meeting.

During the mailbox service, we recommend that you will not be around the curb.

          Only one person will be allow at the first meeting and at the end of the work refurbishment. This person should be the homeowner or person requesting the mailbox service.

Payments should be check or money  only . No cash please.

We have expand our business hours to accommodate all services requests.